Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Amazing Race - Boy Scout Camp-o-ree

The following is the text of an article about the Spring Camporee that was run by Troop 66. It was published in Triblocal.

The Amazing Race
is more than a reality TV show, it was the theme for the Des Plaines Valley Council Twin Lakes District Spring Camp-o-ree. A Camp-o-ree is a gathering of Scouts from different Troops for a weekend of skills instruction and fun!

On the weekend of April 17-19 approximately 40 Scouts and 20 adult leaders from 5 Troops made a trip to Camp Crown in Trevor, Wisconsin for The Amazing Race Camp-o-ree. The Scouts visited five “countries” as part of the Saturday morning activities. In each “country” they received skills instruction and were tested on their competency in each skill.

In China, they participated in the Chinese “fire works” where they had to show their fire-building skills and see how quickly the could build a fire to burn through a string suspended above it. In Scotland, they learned team building as they performed a “blind rescue” where two blind-folded Scouts were directed by the sighted Scout they were carrying. In Italy, they lashed 2x4s to chairs and had a Roman Chariot Race. In Brazil, they measured heights and distances and constructed a shelter in the Amazon river crossing. Finally, in Canada, they participated in a Compass game where they had to provide the bearings for five markers.

Also in keeping with the Amazing Race theme, they had to use a map and compass to travel from one “country” to another. At the end of the morning, they had to submit compass bearings and distances between each country.

In the afternoon, 26 Scouts and 6 leaders went on a Nature hike. During the hike we identified ten types of native plants, signs of ten animals, and discussed poisonous plants.

The weather was beautiful in the morning, but turned cloudy and rainy by late afternoon. This did not stop the Scouts from a traditional campfire program with skits and songs. After the campfire, we had a pot-luck Cracker Barrel meal with many Troop contributing. Two dutch oven cobblers were featured with other assorted goodies.

The weekend closed with a rainy Sunday. This didn't dampen the Scouts spirits as they had a lively Scout Service on Sunday morning before we broke camp and returned home.

Photos of the event can be found here

All-in-all, the Amazing Race was run and a GREAT time was had by all.