Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Troop Patrol Structure


After much consideration and consultation we have determined to establish a new patrol structure. Scouts will join the troop and establish a "New Scout" Patrol with a unique identity. They will stay in this new scout patrol until they reach the rank of First Class. When they reach First Class, they will graduate to the older scout patrol. We will have two older scout patrols, red and blue. When the boys forms these patrols, they will have the option of changing the name of the patrol.

We will form these new patrols after we have an election of patrol leaders at the Court of Honor this Thursday, October 1st.

Boys under the rank of First Class will remain in their "new scout" patrol until they achieve the rank of First Class. They will be attending skills training with other scouts under the rank of First Class to work on advancement.

Here is the mapping of the "New Scout" Patrols to the "Older Scout" Patrols

Patrol - Older Scout Patrol

Cobras - Blue
Dragons - Blue
Eagles - Red
Falcons - Blue
Jaguars - Red
Platinum Panthers - Blue
Red Coyotes - Red
Redmoon Raccoons - Red
Roadrunners - Blue
Silver Wolves - Red

Remember, this change will NOT affect Scouts under the rank of First Class.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this.

Mr. C