Monday, April 28, 2008

Training Opportunities

Parents, in order to support our Troop, it is essential that we have trained adult leaders. Scout training is very valuable as it gets all of the adults aligned on the values and methods of Scouting. As training opportunities come up, I will post them here.

Here is one from Donna:

Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat

Adult Training is available on May 13th at the Twin Lakes Round Table at Grace in River Forest. Please arrive at 7:15 pm for announcements. 7:30 to 8 is training covering 12 months of recruitment followed by Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat from 8 to 9 pm. For adults planning on attending summer camp or the high adventure Canoe trip this would be a great opportunity to get a head start on your knowledge of swim safety. This program is also great for any parents who want to include water activities to their summer program with their families and have safety on their minds. Better to be safe than sorry! Take advantage of this program now....

Donna White

Service Opportunites

Scouts (and Parents), Jeff Wood is the Service Coordinator of our Troop. A significant portion of Scouting is SERVICE. Jeff comes up with a number of opportunities for our Troop to help others (part of the Scout Oath!) If that isn't enough incentive, Service hours are required for Advancement and demonstration of Scout Spirit!

Scouts, please take advantage of these opportunities and Parents, please encourage and support the boys in these activities.

Thanks, Mr. C

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Eagle Court of Honor - May 11th, 2008

Eagle Scout
Court of Honor


Nathan K
Steven W
Jonathan E

Grace Lutheran Church
7300 W. Division St
River Forest, Illinois 60305
(Fellowship Hall)
May 11th, 2008
7:00 pm
Refreshments to follow!

All Scouts and their Families are invited to attend.
All Scouts should attend in uniform.

Troop Meeting - April 25, 2008

We had a great meeting on Friday. We worked on a number of items:
1. Cobras - worked on First Aid Requirements - Tenderfoot 12a and 12b
2. Dragons & Jaguars - worked with Dr. Huck on the First Aid Merit Badge
3. Scouts in Citizenship in the World - worked on their workbooks for Mr. Wood

Next week we will have elections for Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) and Patrol Leaders.
All Scouts at the rank of First Class and older can run for office. Any Scouts who do NOT want to run should send an email to Mrs. C.

Saturday, May 3rd we will be having an Assistant Scoutmaster's meeting in the Scout room at Grace at 8:00 a.m.

Immediately following the ASM meeting at 9:00, there will be a PLC meeting. PLC is the meeting where the Scouts discuss what they like, don't like, and would like to change. They also plan the next month's meetings and campout.

Once you reach the rank of First Class, you need to serve in a leadership position in the troop. If you don't know what position you have, please talk to one of the Adult Leaders or look at the web site under troop leadership

See you at the meeting next Friday!

Mr. C

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Camp-o-ree Summary

Greetings from Troop 66,

With our new Cobra patrol and Dragon-Jaguar patrols, our youth leadership guided us through a successful Camp-o-ree.

Ryan C was our SPL, Charlie T was our ASPL, Dan was our QM, and Mark was the Troop Guide.

Friday - we left about 6:30 and encountered quite a bit of rain on the drive up. Fortunately the rain subsided and we were able to get our camp setup without getting completed wet.

Saturday morning - the camp-o-ree had a number of fun stations where we were tested on first aid, had a pancake relay, build an a-frame carrier, competed in fire building, and did a number of team building activities.

Saturday afternoon - the scouts could choose from activites like fishing, archery, kickball, and tug-o-war.

Saturday dinner - fabulous preparation and execution of a dutch oven meatloaf dinner!

Saturday cracker-barrel - we enjoyed a great assortment of snacks from all of the troops present!

Saturday campfire - probably the best version of the pick-pocket sketch I've ever seen. Great job narrating, Gabe!

Sunday morning - the boys did a fine job breaking camp and we enjoyed the scout service put on by the camp-o-ree staff.

More pictures can be found at our Scout web site in the Photo Gallery Section.

All in all, we had a great time.

Special thanks to the Scouters who helped out! Mr. Taubman, Ms. Morgan-Riley, and Mr. Knupp

Mr. C

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Troop Meeting - April 11. 2008

Greetings from Troop 66!

Here is what happened at yesterday's Troop Meeting

1. Citizenship in the World Merit Badge Counselor Jeff Wood had a German foreign exchange student talk to the boys in the Merit Badge before the meeting. It was a fascinating conversation!

2. After flags, lone Viper patrol member, Steven W. (with the help of Mark C), let the troop in a rousing version of Top Knotcher

3. Next we had patrol meetings with the Uniform inspection. As a reminder, the complete uniform includes Scout shirt, red neckerchief with blue lettering, and boy scout neckerchief slide. Starting in May, boys not in complete uniform will have to stay after the meeting and help the service patrol clean up (per the Patrol Leader's Council)

4. In the instruction part of the meeting, the Cobras work on the Outdoor Code and Tenderfoot first aid requirement 12b. The Jaguars worked with Dr. Huck our First Aid Merit Badge Counselor. All of the older Scouts who were not instructors worked on the Citizenship in the World Merit Badge with Mr. Wood.

Parents reminder - please make sure you are there to pick up your Scouts at 9:30 sharp. We need to be outside of the Grace building by then.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Information for new Scout Patrol - Cobras

Greetings from Troop 66!

Yesterday your boys chose a new patrol name! They will now be known as the Cobra Patrol!
I am providing links to several documents that Diane sent out as emails.

Dos and Don'ts

Please take a look at these and make sure your sons are familiar with them.

I will use this blog to make sure we provide you with current information about what is happening with the Troop. Please feel free to post your comments and questions so we can address them.

Thanks in advance for your support!
Mr. C