Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Camp-o-ree Summary

Greetings from Troop 66,

With our new Cobra patrol and Dragon-Jaguar patrols, our youth leadership guided us through a successful Camp-o-ree.

Ryan C was our SPL, Charlie T was our ASPL, Dan was our QM, and Mark was the Troop Guide.

Friday - we left about 6:30 and encountered quite a bit of rain on the drive up. Fortunately the rain subsided and we were able to get our camp setup without getting completed wet.

Saturday morning - the camp-o-ree had a number of fun stations where we were tested on first aid, had a pancake relay, build an a-frame carrier, competed in fire building, and did a number of team building activities.

Saturday afternoon - the scouts could choose from activites like fishing, archery, kickball, and tug-o-war.

Saturday dinner - fabulous preparation and execution of a dutch oven meatloaf dinner!

Saturday cracker-barrel - we enjoyed a great assortment of snacks from all of the troops present!

Saturday campfire - probably the best version of the pick-pocket sketch I've ever seen. Great job narrating, Gabe!

Sunday morning - the boys did a fine job breaking camp and we enjoyed the scout service put on by the camp-o-ree staff.

More pictures can be found at our Scout web site in the Photo Gallery Section.

All in all, we had a great time.

Special thanks to the Scouters who helped out! Mr. Taubman, Ms. Morgan-Riley, and Mr. Knupp

Mr. C