Saturday, April 12, 2008

Troop Meeting - April 11. 2008

Greetings from Troop 66!

Here is what happened at yesterday's Troop Meeting

1. Citizenship in the World Merit Badge Counselor Jeff Wood had a German foreign exchange student talk to the boys in the Merit Badge before the meeting. It was a fascinating conversation!

2. After flags, lone Viper patrol member, Steven W. (with the help of Mark C), let the troop in a rousing version of Top Knotcher

3. Next we had patrol meetings with the Uniform inspection. As a reminder, the complete uniform includes Scout shirt, red neckerchief with blue lettering, and boy scout neckerchief slide. Starting in May, boys not in complete uniform will have to stay after the meeting and help the service patrol clean up (per the Patrol Leader's Council)

4. In the instruction part of the meeting, the Cobras work on the Outdoor Code and Tenderfoot first aid requirement 12b. The Jaguars worked with Dr. Huck our First Aid Merit Badge Counselor. All of the older Scouts who were not instructors worked on the Citizenship in the World Merit Badge with Mr. Wood.

Parents reminder - please make sure you are there to pick up your Scouts at 9:30 sharp. We need to be outside of the Grace building by then.