Sunday, August 17, 2008

Words of wisdom from Philip Sparks

16 Things I Learned While Canoeing on the Boundary Waters

1.A watched pot never boils…especially if you never light the propane.
2.The “Ants Go Marching” has a remix that is about 30 verses long.
3.To steer a canoe to the left, paddle on the right. To steer to the right, paddle on the left. To go faster, ask your canoe buddy to quit fishing.
4.Wear A Pair… Take A Pair…and Spare A Pair for the night it rains.
5.Bug spray does not work if you’re allergic to bug spray.
6.Abridged from Mr. C and Mr. White: There is never a more insecure feeling on a campout than taking a dump and wondering if a bear is coming up behind you.
7.August 6 is officially declared Random Quote and Song Day.
8.I like country music….because occasionally, it’s all about ME!
9.Never name a fish you fillet an hour later.
10.If you miss the bear bag going up, you’ll have to climb a tree to get your Camelback secured.
11.If you laugh at all of Mr. C’s jokes, he’ll forget that you promised to teach him how to rap at the beginning of the trip.
12.I learned how to speaka Italiano! Biga de bop de bou! Buca di Bepo!
13.People can actually become bored of seeing bald eagles.
14.Coffee creamer is extremely flammable.
15.It is illegal to catch a Northern 24 to 25 9/10ths inches, and 26 1/10th inches to 30 inches.
16.It is never wise to bogart anything on a campout.

Word of the Trip: Bogart
Other notable Word of the Day’s: akimbo, aggita (Italian slang meaning an upset tummy), abscond, fa nabola (Italian slang meaning “go to Naples”)